With this add-on for the ROI Edition, real time cost analysis reveals the return on your CPC spending.

Professional Edition

ROI Edition

add-on for ROI Edition



Live data feed incorporates your actual CPC (cost per click) spending into your CPC Tracker reports.
In addition to seeing the revenue generated by each campaign, you will also see:
  • Return on Ad Spend: revenue divided by the cost of advertising

  • Cost per Action: Cost of advertising divided by the number of actions (sales)

  • Average Cost per Click

Drill downs offer more detail per search term or search listing.

The Live Cost Analysis add-on greatly simplifies the task of analyzing the return on ad spend (ROAS) from cost-per-click advertising. A live feed delivers the cost of each click directly into the tracking system, which performs the calculations for you.

Visually friendly reports offer a summary of each campaign, as well as detailed data for search terms and search listings.

Use this data to more effectively allocate your marketing budget—thus increasing the profitability of your web site.



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Professional & ROI Edition

Full featured tracking

  - One-Page Summary
  - Most Requested pages
  - Trends over time
  - Content grouping
  - Bounce Rate
  - Referrers &
    search engines
  - First time vs.
    returning visitors
  - Last visitors details
  - Exit links
  - Track downloads


  - Customized, automated
     reports via e-mail
  - >User management
  - Exclude your own visits

ROI Edition only-
E-Commerce analysis

  - Campaign Tracking
  - Conversion Tracking
  - Sales Details
  - Scenario Analysis
  - Path Analysis
  - Live CPC Cost Analysis

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